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427w Daytona Coupe

Hi  Bruce

I hope you and everyone there at FFR & the Engine Factory are keeping well.

Just a brief note to say a big thanks to you (and the teams behind the scenes) for your help over the past 14 months… following our visit (my son & I) back in September 2015, today I received notification that my Type 65 Coupe (#F5R1000708CPB) is fully road legal here in the UK.

We first started the build on 16th March 2016 – Right Hand Drive (please thank Fred for his help with the aluminium!!) / Complete kit / Independent rear suspension / 6.7ltr Ford 418w from The Engine Factory.

Drives & sounds amazing!!! First show booked for July ;0)

Thanks again everyone!

Ian Robinson


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In the search for an authentic looking, turn-key 427 Ford engine for our Cobra, multiple sources affirmed the Engine Factory was the place to go. After dealing with the company and receiving a stellar product, we can say their work absolutely lives up to all the expectations that arise when ordering a custom engine. The family running Engine Factory has established a reputation bolstered by decades of experience, and it is very apparent in the final product.

Alex Demlar

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Thanks! I’m a happy customer!

I ran the return less fuel system. I have not revved it up much yet but so far it sounds great.

When I started it for the first time it was running really rich which I think was from the high altitude out here.

But over the course of 30 seconds or so we saw it clean itself up and started to idle perfectly fine.

I got the wiring close but not quite right. I had a guy here  and he had just built a FFR MK4 so he was a big help. Where it gets a little confusing for the average guy is your system comes with a book on wiring and factory five has one.  Putting them together tricked me a little.

Simply amazing.

Douglas Stewart