5.0 Coyote Cobra Kit EFI Engine 435HP

New Ford HO Coyote Engine. Packaged for a Cobra Kit, Resto-mod or Hot Rod. Save time and $$. Includes: Pulleys with Alternator, Plastic Engine Cover, Computer, Wiring Harness, Fuel Rails and Starter.  Accessory kit available with A/C and Power Steering where applicable.  More Swap Details Here.


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  • 5.0L (302 cubic inches)
  • 11.0:1 compression ratio (nominal)
  • Hyperuetectic pistons with Graphal® low friction coating
  •  H-beam connecting rods with ARP® 2000 bolts
  • BOSS 302 connecting rod bearings
  • Lightweight aluminum cylinder block,   features cross-bolted main bearing caps and thick main bearing bulkheads for bottom-end strength
  • Large rear sump oil pan with 8qt capacity
  • Tuned composite  intake manifold with production drive by wire 80 mm throttle body
  • Four-valve-per-cylinder aluminum heads with roller-finger followers reduce friction with Boss Valve Springs
  • Ford Racing engine cover kit and Balancer.
  • Steel Billet Flywheel and Pilot Bushing
  • Includes engine injector harness and ECU
  • Power Train Module “PCM”
  • Exhaust Gas Sensors “UEGO”
  • Front Cover Installed and Harmonic Balancer
  • Includes colder heat range zero (0) spark plugs,
  • Includes Ford Racing oil filter
  • Vehicle harness and PCM  included. This installation kit designed for street rod/project car installation.
  • Remote Mount Filter Adapter
  • Accessory drive with Pulleys, Belt and Alternator


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