FFR Hot Rod 5.0 Ford Coyote MKIV Kit / TKX 5 Speed Pkg

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New  price. This  5.0 Coyote Engine and Trans. Package is a complete Package. Setup for the FFR Hot Rod, which uses a special Pulley and Accessory Kit.  We remove the Vacuum Control Valves, Trim the casting on the block.  Includes wiring harness, ECU, Sensors, Pulleys, Alternator, Clutch kit, Starter, Bellhousing, Hydraulic Slave and 5 Speed TKO 600 Transmission Kit. Great for One Stop Shopping!! No need to piecemeal items together!!    General  Swap Details Here.


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FFR Hot Rod 5.0 Ford Coyote MKIV Kit With TKO-600 Pkg

    • High-performance 5.0-liter, four-valve Ti-VCT engine
    • 12 to 1 compression
    • 460 horsepower @ 6500 rpm
    • 420 ft.-lb.+ of torque @ 4250 rpm
    • Displacement 302 cu. in.
    • 3.63 bore x 3.65-in stroke
    • Aluminum block
    • Forged steel crankshaft
    • Forged steel connecting rods
    • Hypereutectic aluminum pistons Piston-cooling jets, optimized oil drainback, and windage control improve high-rpm performance
    • Aluminum cylinder heads, DOHC, four valves per cylinder, Variable intake and exhaust camshaft timing
    • 10qt capacity Retrofit  oil pan
    • 12.0:1 Compression ratio
    • Tuned composite intake manifold provides efficient air delivery and weight savings
    • 80 mm single bore “drive by wire” throttlebody
    • Includes manual transmission engine harness and flywheel
    • Vehicle harness and PCM  included with Bracket
    • Throttle By wire Pedal and FFR Bracket ASSY.
    • Ford Racing’s NEW wiring, PCM and installation kit designed for street rod/project car installation.
    • 5.0L Mustang engine cover kit
    • Ford Racing Oil Filter
    • Accessory Pulleys with Alternator only. available with an Sandon AC Compressor
    • Complete Clutch Kit, Bolts, Bellhousing and Starter. Hydraulic Clutch Release.
    • TKX 5 Speed Transmission Shipped Separately with Engine.


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Alternator and Power Steering Pulley Kit Assembly, Power Steering, AC Compressor and Alternator Pulley Kit Assy, Pulley Kit Assembly with Alternator and Serpentine Belt (Already Included)

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