427W / 550 HP Sniper EFI Engine

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This 427w “Street Beast” is the Biggest and Baddest of our Windsor Class engines. Brute Torque with a classic Muscle car thump! All Forged internals. High grade & quality brand name parts,  Very wide power band. Complete plug n play Sniper Fuel Injection System. Includes Wiring harness, sensors, fuel line kit and ECU.  Fits in place of most 289,302,351w and 351c engine compartments.  Ideal for an Early Mustang, Street Rod swap. Shown with Optional Serpentine Pulleys


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    This 427w “serpent” has Forged internals. High flow Edelbrock Cylinder Runners makes for great low mid range power where Trucks spend most of its time. Complete plug n play Fuel Injection System that includes wiring harness kit, Sensors, Fuel pump and fuel line kit.

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