400M / 475lbs High Torque Truck Engine

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This 400M is a Real Torque Monster And Will Fit In Place Of Any 351M/400. Includes High Capacity Milidon Oil Pan, Upgraded Hyperuetectic Pistons, RV Cam, And Lots Of Other Upgrades.


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  • Precision Machined 400 Modified Ford Block with Brass Freeze Plugs

  • Nodular Cast Iron Crankshaft

  • Shot Peened & Stress Relieved Connecting Rods With 190,000  PSI Arp Bolts

  • Hyperuetectic Pistons 9.5 To 1 Compression

  • Speed Pro Chrome Moly Piston Rings

  • 3 Piece Steel Double Roller Style Timing Chain

  •  Crane Hydraulic Camshaft Delivers Big Time Torque 

  • High Volume Melling Oil Pump And Screen

  • Cast Iron Cylinder Heads Pocket Blended And Port Matched

  • Hard Seats For Unleaded Or Regular Fuel

  • Heavy Duty  Valve Springs, 7 Degree Locks

  • New Hardened  Push Rods

  • New Rear Sump Milodon 4 X 4 Oil Pan 7 Quart Oil Pan

  •  Timing Chain Cover With Scale

  • Stamp Steel Chrome Valve Covers With Breather

  • Automatic Transmission Flexplate

  • New Edelbrock RPM Dual Plane Intake Manifold

  •  4 Barrel 680cfm Quickfuel Carb with Vacuum Secondaries

  • High Voltage Electronic Billet Distributor & Coil

  • New  Thermostat Housing

  • New Fuel Pump

  • High Flow Water Pump

  • New Dip Tube And Dipstick

  • New Chrome Air Cleaner With PCV Ventilation System

  • New Fuel Lines And Gas Filter

  • Hot Run Tested Includes Setting Initial And Full Timing Advance

  • Video Footage Shown Of Your Engine In Test Stand

  • Balanced, Blue Printed, Assembled By ASE Technicians

  • Custom Crated



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