Payment Options & Discounts

We prefer the use of PayPal or wire transfer as a payment method to eliminate fraud.  We are a verified PayPal merchant.  If you prefer to use a credit card we may require further documentation to be scanned and emailed after the order is placed to verify ownership.  This is necessary because only the US and Canadian banks utilize the address verification system to eliminate fraud.  We take your safety very seriously.

  • A Layaway Contract Is up to 12 Months *In some cases you can go over the 12 month contract, But pricing is subject to change due to part manufacture price increases.*
  • A $2000 Deposit Is collected From The Customer At The Time Of Opening The Payment Plan
  • Once Payment Amount Has Reached 75% of Purchase Price, Engine Will Be Put On Build Schedule And Will Become Subject To Our Cancellation Policy
  • If A Payment Plan Is Cancelled During The Six Month Period, The Customer Is Eligible For A Refund Minus Cancellation Fees. After The Six Month Contract Expires Deposits Are Non Refundable.
  • The Cancellation Fee For All Layaway Contracts Is As Follows:
    • If You Cancel Within 15 Days Of Initial Deposit, You Will Receive A 10%* Reduction e.g.: $2000 deposit monies will result in $1800 refund
    • If You Cancel After 15 Days But Before Your 6 Month Contract Date Expiration, You Will Receive A 25%* Reduction e.g.: $2000 deposit monies will result in $1500 Refund
  • Final Payment Plan Payment Must Be Made Prior To Shipment Of Engine

Transaction Policy:

You Can Use One Or Any Combination Of These Acceptable Payment Options:

  • Visa, MasterCard, Discover
  • Bank Wire
  • Money Order, Personal Check, Certified Check
  • No Partial Takeouts Or Partial Cancellations Are Permitted
  • There Will Be No Price Adjustments After 7 Days From The Date You Start Your Payment Plan
  • All Cancellations Must Be In Writing “” And The Customer Must Contact Us Via Phone “(800) 704-5385

*Percentage Based On Actual Amount Of All Deposit Monies