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Engine Factory is proud to be part of the Factory Five community for the past 20+ years.We’ve been involved in Sponsorships, community affairs and of course providing Thousands of powerplants over the years. Anybody that’s part of building a Replica Hot Rod or Cobra understands your part of a collective Group, almost a cult-like obsession in making your own creation.

What we take the most pride in is our Turnkey Ready Engines;  Making it Easy to install even for the novice builder. We keep improving our craft by listening to our customers, Sharing Data from the FFR Techs and working through Common problems.

As you look for an engine or Engine / Trans. Keep in mind we setup the powerplants for an ideal Fit.

There’s several differences from a standard crate engine. Some of which include: Routing the fuel lines in proper direction, AN Fittings, professionally painted, Period correct, Cobra Dress up kit, Improvements to fit and finish, testing, tuning, Larger and lower profile oil pan, Billet Pulleys, Efi Systems installed, special thermostat housing, flywheel, Starter to fit into the chassis, Clutch alignment and engagement. You can have the confidence it’ll be the right fit!!


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Canton Racing Oil pan.
March Performance Pulleys, Power Steering, Alternator,
Ignition Wires
Valve Covers, Breather and PCV,
Pressure Regulator and Fuel Lines
Fuel Injection
Thermostat Housing
Ignition System
Air Filter
Water Pump
Engine Components


So what is the best Engine choice for my Cobra, Hot Rod or Coupe?  Some important factors:
    • Where are you located in country or world?
    • How often do you plan on Driving Car?
    • How much performance do you really want / need?
    • Will the car see any road rally driving?
    • Traditional look  or Traditional with modern technology or modern throughout.Budget ?


Some links below will get you started or Feel free to call 1-800-704-5385.


Carbureted Engines: