Engine Clutch Kit Packages


TD Performance Engines now offers the service of bolting on the complete 5 Speed Clutch kit package onto our Ford Ready to Run Engines. Kit  Includes:

Installing the Midplate and checking for alignment
Steel billet Flywheel with flywheel bolts and locktite.
Pilot Bearing
Clutch Disc
Pressure Plate and Throw out bearing
Pressure Plate  and Bellhousing Bolts
Clutch Fork
Steel Quicktime Bellhousing
High Torque Starter
Alignment tool
Everything is torqued, checked for parallelism, Engagement and ready to accept Transmission.

Makes for a Convenient & Easy Installation.  Perfect for Cobra, Hot Rod or Mustang Restomod  5 Speed Swap.
*Some of our setups come with pre-bundled already. Call us at 1-800-704-5385 for more details today!!

$1,990.00       $1,949.00 Currently.