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1976 Ford Torino with a new 427w Powerplant

Saturday, 18 February 2017 by

This 427w will find its home into our Customers 1976 Ford Torino. Starsky and Hutch eat your Heart out!!! ……..                   For old Times Sake.  Watch a Video clip of a Starsky & Hutch Chase Scene. LOL!!!

          The New 5.0L Coyote Motor Is Here! This engine replaces the 2011-14 crate engine . Now you can harness all of the power of the new 2015-2016 Coyote Mustang in your own build. This 5.0L motor packs 435 horsepower and 400+ lbs-ft of torque (with premium fuel). This  engine features

Crate Engines South Florida Facility

Tuesday, 20 October 2015 by

Customers in the South Florida Area we’ve established a separate  satellite office and warehouse under TDmotion, to cater to our Southern Clients.  Shipments to our international customers more easily maneuvered to South America and the Islands.                                          

Replicar Registration

Thursday, 13 August 2015 by

SEMA is working with Congress to pass legislation that would allow companies to manufacture up to 500 turn-key replica vehicles annually for customers nationwide. The “Low Volume Motor Vehicle Manufacturers Act of 2015” (H.R. 2675) provides new opportunities for SEMA members to grow their companies. H.R. 2675 would benefit businesses that supply equipment along with

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Tips For Landing Mechanical Engineering Jobs

Wednesday, 05 November 2014 by

A person’s passion for cars will oftentimes lead to a desire to start working in the field of mechanical engineering, car repair, or automotive locksmithing. Going to car shows and constantly staying informed on the latest models and breakthroughs in terms of engines and smart technologies on board will develop one’s sense of wanting to

Introducing our EZ Start Engine Program

Tuesday, 28 October 2014 by

What’s the 4-1-1 on the EZ Start Program.  Read On…………..   Brief Explanation: Engine is literally setup ready to start out of the box  with a closed loop hose kit.  Wiring Hooked up from your battery with an actual ignition toggle switch to start it up. Engine remains bolted down to shipping pallet and can

Now open for biz TD Motion

Wednesday, 08 October 2014 by

Attention Replicar, Muscle Car, Jeep  and Modern Muscle Car Owners!! Need a replacement part, combo kit or upgrade a component visit our Sister Site TD Motion Now open for Business!!

Ford Stroker Terminology

Thursday, 31 July 2014 by
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We truly believe that it’s a shame for automotive industries to produce cars and vehicles of all types and models that still are 85% inefficient as to their internal combustion engines. After all, we are in 2015 and after all the technology developments and new scientific discoveries we happen to hear about every day or

While the internet makes for a good place to start your search for quick solutions for a broken car lock or ignition, there are cases when trying to imitate online advice simply won’t work. This is particularly the case when you are driving on the highway or in the middle of a traffic jam and