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Under Pressure: The Importance of Getting the Right Amount of Spring Pressure If we were to sum up the role that the valve spring plays in regard to its function as part of the overall valve train with one word, that word would be control. Considering that it is the predominant part responsible for keeping

Ten Arguments for Driving a Manual Trans.

Monday, 06 February 2017 by

Not so long ago, it was widely accepted that a true performance car had a manual transmission. In fact, some performance cars were only available with a manual transmission. Well, in the great age that is the 21st century, things have changed. Now the beloved third pedal is being replaced with paddle shifters attached to

EFI or Carb which way to Go?

Thursday, 08 December 2016 by

There can be an argument for Either  –  Some further Questions we Typically Ask……… Do you have a limited budget? The old standby Carb has been around forever, and there is something to be said for simplicity and Cost . If after a few years you wanted to Convert over to EFI its do-able. Are you

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New Zealand MKIV 427W Stack EFI

Friday, 18 November 2016 by

My engine/trans is in the car but I have not had it running yet. It has taken quite some time to build my car . I have had to make quite a lot of changes for compliance with our regulations but recently passed first inspection and the mods are almost complete so then hopefully it

How a PCV Works

Wednesday, 09 November 2016 by

PCV Functionality  – why its needed The basic thing is………..as much air that is coming out your exhaust……(.that’s the air on top of the)piston……), there is that the same amount of air moving under the piston inside the block. The result is that the oil in the crankcase is stirred up a lot……hence anti foaming additives in

On the surface, flow bench testing seems straightforward, More flow = More HP.  Many in the industry have become solely fixated on cubic feet per minute (cfm) numbers, placing importance on a number that is easily manipulated and ignoring other data about a cylinder head’s performance.  Here is a deeper look into flow bench testing

My engine overheats, what to look for?

Wednesday, 27 July 2016 by

My engine overheats, what to look for? Cooling systems are very simple, and determining WHEN you are having heating problems will tell 95% ohe story. First things first. The entire cooling system only consists of a few simple things; a radiator, a water pump, a thermostat, a couple of pulleys, a fan belt, a fan,

Stroker Tech 101

Wednesday, 06 July 2016 by

  On virtually all engines, the intake valve stays open after the point where the piston starts up on the compression stroke. Until the intake valve actually closes, compression is not occurring and the true compression stroke does not start until it does. Because the cylinder volume is reduced, so is the dynamic compression ratio.

Don’t let Overlap get Over You!

Wednesday, 18 May 2016 by

  There are hundreds of articles written on Camshaft selections.  Very little is discussed on the importance of  Valve Overlap. Overlap is the angle in crankshaft degrees that both the intake and exhaust valves are open. What does it do? At high engine speeds, overlap allows the rush of exhaust gasses out the exhaust valve to

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  Effect Of Changes In Cam Timing And Lobe Separation Angle The following tables illustrate how variations in lobe separation angle and cam timing will effect the behavior of the engine in which the camshaft is installed. EFFECTS OF ALTERING CAMSHAFT TIMING Advancing Retarding Begins Intake Event Sooner Delays Intake Closing Event Open Intake Valve

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